Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello from Germany!

I'm Jacqueline Schutte from Wartburg College.  We visited the Wartburg Castle today!  One of the most exciting things about the visit to Wartburg was that myself and two other students rode up to the castle on donkeys.  Mine's name was Moni and one other's name was Leisel.

Being at the castle was very exciting too.  Some students and I went to the top of the castle tower and looked around from the top of the mountain.  It was a very beautiful view.

I also enjoyed seeing the room where Luther translated the New Testament into German.  The room was very small and crude compared to how ornate and extravagant the rest of the castle was.  His room was in the far corner of the castle past where the donkey drivers lived.  Dr. Kleinhas pointed out the footrest that was Martin Luther's (which was the only authentic piece of furniture in the room) was a whale vertebra.

St. Elizabeth also lived in the Wartburg Castle.  Her room was decorated with a beautiful sparkling glass mosaic which was made with 4 million pieces of glass.

Another highlight of the trip for all of us has been the food, it is all so very tasty here!  We are all trying new things and everything has been delicious.


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