Monday, May 6, 2013

1/3 of the way already

Hard to believe, but exactly one week ago we were in Detroit waiting for our flight to Frankfurt.  Since then we've visited Worms, Marburg (where St Elizabeth is buried), our sister city Eisenach, Erfurt (where Luther became a monk), Eisleben (where Luther was born and died), and now Wittenberg.  We've visited churches, museums, and a concentration camp, and we've heard from local pastors and scholars.

We picked up an extra traveler in Eisenach, Hendrikje Doebert, who guided us through the Wartburg Castle one day and joined us on the bus the next, visiting Erfurt, Eisleben, and Wittenberg with us before heading back home on the train this afternoon.

Here's a picture of Frau Doebert, Katharina von Bora Luther, and Dr. Kleinhans, three rockin' women.

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